Hair of the Dog Fred

August 8, 2008

10% ABV bottle-conditioned

A quick-hitter today as I’m out of town for a wedding.  Splendid tales of vice to follow.

Hair of the Dog calls this a “golden special ale” but every one else classifies it as a barley wine and indeed it smells and tastes just like a good one.  No, a great one.  Immediate smell of apple cider upon my pour.  First taste floored me.  Right up my alley.  Just how I like a beer.  Incredibly strong and incredibly potent.  Almost like straight booze.  Flavors of Belgian candy and extreme hops with tons of yeast sediment.  Would love to taste this one aged.  A tad too astringent of finish and, whoa boy, glad I only had a 12 ouncer because I think a bomber would have Belushied me.  It’s not completely balanced either.  These are minor quibbles though.  This is probably the second best barley wine I’ve ever had after Stone Old Guardian.  A beaut.