Most Beer Blogs SUCK

Everyone hates the kind of people, the kind of snobs, that drink wine and then feel the need to spend hours and hours pontificating about it. It’s why I created this blog — I was sick of how the “everyman” vocation of beer drinking had become overtaken by pretentious little tipplers. It must have reached a breaking point for me when I was reading one such beer blog. The author noted in a review that he’d actually drank a beer in his living room while watching TV as opposed to how he usually sampled a brew — by shutting himself in a dimly lit “study” alone, with no outside noises or distractions, and then quietly and contemplatively enjoying the drink. He was downright ashamed and apologetic that he had actually drank a beer in a comfortable environment, lounging on his sofa with his feet kicked up while watching the game.

He may have been ashamed of himself but I was fucking embarrassed for the man. Are we not drinking beers to celebrate them and relish in the pleasure that they bring to us? I love pricey, well-made, complex, and obscure craft beer as much as any one I know, and I try to drink it where ever and whenever I can. But I NEVER do that alone in a dark room without other forms of entertainment around me. My beer tastings are done out at bars, and while dining with friends, over a game of darts or Big Buck Hunter, and while, yes, kicking back and relaxing at the end of a tough day. I never take the job of drinking a beer as seriously as if I’m studying for a med school final like these other geeky beer bloggers do. You know why? Because it’s not that serious!

Might my reviews be somewhat “worse” than ones from these nerds that feel a need to take a meditative and focused approach to their beer-drinking? Perhaps. But those people are nothing more than asocial pedants. And, their writings on beer are BORING. In my posts, I break all the rules of standard beer reviews. Typically one is “supposed” to critique such things as appearance, smell, taste, mouthfeel, and drinkability (and you can visit to see how most of these snobs boringly conquer the task) when reviewing a beer. But I don’t consider beer drinking a fucking gymnastics competition with me as the Russian judge quietly grading each minute discipline. I care about the things you care about: how the beer smells, how the beer tastes, and how it makes me feel. I.E. how it gets me drunk. It’s downright remarkable how few beer blogs even seem to mention the result of beer drinking. It’s like they are ashamed of the ultimate destination of imbibing!

Well that is patently ridiculous. I like to drink quality beer and I like to get drunk. They are inseparable from each other. And on this blog I will share my adventures doing both.

Oh, there’s one final reason I started a beer blog…to get breweries to send me free samplers for review!

Hit me up at theviceblog [at]


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