Schell Pale Ale

5.75% ABV

As my “in box” of yet-to-post reviews stacks up it’s time to send some to the “out box” via quick-hitters…

I’ve never really liked pale ales.  Rightly or wrongly, I’ve always felt they were kinda like IPAs for Dummies.  But not this one.  This one, from America’s second oldest family-owned brewery, I really dug.  It has a great, smooth flavor.  Incredibly drinkable.  East Kent golding hops give it a most pleasant smell.  It also has a solid full-bodied taste.  Love the maltiness.  As far as session beers go, this is top notch.  I could imagine myself bellied up to a bar in St. Paul polishing off several dozen of these.  I think it’s a better pale ale than even Sierra Nevada’s famed one.  If you have access to this one, be sure and try it.



2 Responses to Schell Pale Ale

  1. amm002 says:

    Another winner, glad you enjoyed it. I need to get down to New Ulm to visit the brewery, it’s supposed to be pretty cool.

  2. Aaron Goldfarb says:

    Yeah, I did really enjoy it. Would make for a great “everyday” beer.

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