Pinetree Ale

No clue on ABV. Draught.

As mentioned before, I have somewhat of a perverted fascination with “house” beers. I rightfully expect them to be awful macro beers, co-opted by the shitty little dive bar in question and given a new name. I always order a bar’s house beer to at least give it a go, even when I would never order the actual beer that it is if I knew the truth.

Such was the case when I visited the Pinetree Lodge over the weekend, a Catskill ski lodge-themed dive seemingly run exclusively by sexy Polish and other Eastern European women and which is so far eastward in Manhattan that it is almost on Randall’s Island.

Their beer list is deplorable so of course I got a pint of the house beer, fully expecting it to blow. Surprisingly, though, it was good, damn good. A reddish, amber ale with some serious body. A nice head and very tasty.

However, I absolutely could not ID the beer that it “really” was. I’m not even sure it was an ale. It was kinda like Sam Adam Boston Ale or maybe Brooklyn Lager, but sweeter and more frothy. Kinda like Killian’s Red but, you know, actually tasteful. The closest I can compare it to is maybe a Troegs Hopback, but there’s no way they would have that as their house beer. Was I in a good mood, were my masterful tastebuds off, or was this truly a good beer? After almost a dozen more pints and a large tab I had no choice but to unequivocally call the beer good. And, it was the purest of taste tests that got me to this conclusion, one where I couldn’t rush to to confirm my thoughts vis-a-vis the masses (something I usually only do after posting my reviews).

I ain’t gonna tell you to make a special trip to Pinetree Lodge–especially cause I want the Big Buck Hunter Safari machine to be always available–but if you’re ever in the neighborhood committing a crime or sightseeing the Midtown Tunnel, step by and grab a pint to confirm whether I’m crazy or whether a house beer is truly an…



One Response to Pinetree Ale

  1. Batch says:

    Rule number 1 of Big Buck Hunter Safari:never play drunk. Rule number 2: always get the lefty assassin drunk before playing.

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