Allagash Odyssey

10.4% ABV from a bomber

This is the beer that had the great misfortune of being drunk after my most previous Utopias imbibing.

That’s a shame, as this is a classic and it took me a while to realize it. The Utopias is so penetrating that my tongue was still in shock. I literally had to eat half a loaf of bread just to cleanse my palate. I’m still not sure that both my mouth and my mind were in the best state for enjoying this beer.

Odyssey is the second of Allagash‘s Barrel Aged series, this one aged in oak barrels and then bottle-conditioned. It would be perfect for cellaring, but this one I drank pretty fresh. Tastes of chocolate, caramel, and some dark fruits. As with all of the potent Allagashes it is incredibly drinkable and refreshing. It’s a very, very, very good beer, no doubt, but I wasn’t in awe of it as much as I expected to be.

At the least I would rank it behind Allagash’s Jim-Beam-barrreled Curieux (definitely an A+), and maybe their Interlude (probably an A+) as well, but it’s probably better than the Victor and Victoria which are both also brilliant. In all honesty, Allagash doesn’t make a bad beer and I’ve never had an Allagash aside from their White and maybe the Dubbel that I would even rank below an A-.

I may not sound that enthused about Odyssey, but I am. It’s terrific, I just drank under most unfair circumstances. It is yet another winner from the amazing Allagash Brewery and I hope to have it again soon under more favorable conditions. For now I’m giving it an A, but I’ll always wonder if it’s only an A compared to Utopias.



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