Allagash FOUR

10% ABV from a bomber

The late, great George Carlin famously once joked, referring to picking up women: “I’ve never had a ten, but one night, I had five twos,” thinking his was the greater accomplishment. Well, I’m the kinda guy that would rather have one 10% beer than two 5%. And this beer is right on the money. Sadly, most guys are the opposite. What can I say, I like my big, bold, potent beers: barley wines, strong ales, and the sexiest of all, the quadrupel. It just sounds insanely powerful. That’s why I was so excited to one day try Allagash FOUR*. Heck, I even had it in the “honorable mention” category on my Top 10 Most Wanted Beer list.

I’m shocked that it’s taken me some 80 posts to review my first Allagash as it is maybe my favorite America brewery, a brewery notable for pretty much ONLY making potent and expensive beers that come in a bomber. No wussy six-packs filled with “Lite” brews. The FOUR is so called because besides being a quadrupel it consists of four malts, four hops, and is fermented four times. Sounds brilliant, huh? Sadly, it wasn’t as good as I had hoped. And, by that, I mean it wasn’t an A+. I adore Allagash so much that, just like Stone, I expect every one of their beers to be masterpieces.

FOUR is dark and rich, almost like a Russian Imperial Stout but not quite.  Dried fruits like raisins, cherries, and brown sugar with next-to-no carbonation.  Nice taste and goes down pretty easy.  Not as rich, potent, and complex as I’d expect from a Belgian quad though.

It’s very good, just not extraordinary.


*The FOUR is seemingly always capitalized when in print. That’s kinda awesome.


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