Pyramid Apricot Ale

5.25% ABV from a bottle

I typically don’t drink Bloody Marys, mimosas, or certainly motherfucking bellinis whilst brunching–unless they come free as part of some deal–so if I want to have an adult beverage with my Denver omelet, and not look like a deviant for ordering an Old-Fashioned, I have to go with a lighter beer. And, hopefully even a fruit beer to replace my O.J. Saturday morning I brunched at the terrific Bourbon and spied this apricot beer on the menu. I’m pretty sure I’d never had a pop from the Seattle brewery and I’m damn near positive I’ve never had an apricot-flavored beverage in my whole life.  But, we all know of my somewhat shameful passion for fruit beers so I had to give this one a shot. I ask the disenchanted hippie behind the counter what he thought of the beer. I always ask bartenders about a new beer before I try it, even when I’ve made my mind up, and nothing they say short of “Neo-Nazis brew this beer, lacing it with hints of aborted baby” can sway me from ordering it. I’m not sure why I do that. Any how, the bartender responded that the beer was an “Eh.” In my book that’s an absolute indictment of a beer as bartenders usually call the absolute worst brews in the house “pretty, pretty good” ala Larry David.

Whatever the case, I ordered the Apricot Ale. It smelled fantastic. The taste, not so much. How would a “professional” review a beer with an “A” smell and a less-than-stellar taste? I’m not sure, but I have to give it a mediocre overall score. Because, let’s be honest, sniffing a beer ain’t gonna get me drunk.



One Response to Pyramid Apricot Ale

  1. John says:

    Try their wheat beer, it is my favorite American one, seems better on tap than the bottle to me.

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