Harpoon IPA

5.9% ABV on draught

Next on my Friday night IPA orgy was the selection from Harpoon, something I expected to be mediocre. Not sure why that was my thinking as I’ve enjoyed plenty of Harpoons in the past, but that was just my gut feeling. I must immediately admit, I was wrong and pleasantly surprised.

Before my review though, I’d like to give a little shout out to the great Lansdowne Road which has one of the coolest little “frills” I’ve ever seen at a bar, something known as an ice rail. I’ve never seen any other bar before that has this but it is literally a rail running the length of the bar which acts as an icy “coaster,” for lack of a better word, where one can rest their drink when not holding it up to their face in order to assure that the beer never becomes room temperature.

Now, I know what you’re saying, “But, Aaron, why would you and your potent machismo need an ice rail to keep your beers from getting warm? Don’t you drink at a rate faster than the one at which liquid warms?”

Well, yes, of course I do (unless I’m savoring some potent masterpiece of a brew). I just mainly like the rail so I have something to fiddle with when I’m bored with other people’s conversations, It is then when I begin to slalom my pointer and ring fingers through the icy snow as if they are Alberto Tomba‘s skis. However, for the less accomplished drinkers I think this is truly a genius invention that really improves a night out slugging beers. Whatever the case, it is definitely one cool conversation piece.

Back to Harpoon’s IPA. This beer doesn’t actually taste like a IPA. It’s very fruity and has no bite, no real hops sensation. Tastes a bit like some banana Laffy Taffy which I know is a comparison I’ve used more than a few times to describe the flavor of certain beers. Incredibly drinkable for an IPA but still has a decent enough ABV. Also, I was surprised at how complex this brew was as it did have a lot of stuff going on in it, including floral, citrus, and pine tastes. I don’t think this is a very good example at all of an American IPA, but I can’t deny that I really enjoyed drinking it and will almost certainly drink it again in the future. It’s very refreshing.



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