Long Hammer IPA

6.5% ABV

To keep from getting bored, man needs novelty in his life. That why I will always try a beer I haven’t had–and even know nothing about–over the same old, same old. It’s how I discovered Long Hammer. There’s a bar in my neighborhood, Conker Hill, that I wouldn’t call myself a “regular” at, but which I go to enough that the bartenders know my name and hook me up. I like Conker Hill because–though they don’t have an outstanding beer list–it’s kinda like hanging out in your one rich friend’s pimped-out basement. They have comfy booths, darts, Big Buck Hunter, several plasma screens, and one of those computerized Bose jukeboxes that have like 100,000 songs on it. Plus, very few people go there, so it’s incredibly chill. A good place for a relaxed evening of shooting the shit, drinking beers, and playing bar games.

As I said, when I first started going there they didn’t have much of a beer list. Long Hammer was the only draft beer they had that I had never tasted so of course I ordered it. And, liked it. And, it became the one and only beer I have when I’m at Conker Hill. Only later would I learn that it’s a fairly potent “session” beer at 6.5%. Maybe that’s why I always get shitcanned when I drink it.

I finally found the beer bottled, and it tastes just the same as it does on draft, but I don’t quite enjoy it as much. That’s because if I’m drinking it bottled it means I’m not at Conker Hill, probably not hanging with a big group of friends, definitely not getting free buy backs from the generous Irish bartenders, and most certainly not playing my beloved Big Buck Hunter. Oh well.

This is a solid enough IPA. Goes down easy. Alcoholy, but not as complex as your typical IPA. I guess you could call this a “beginner’s” IPA. But there’s nothing wrong with that. When I’m drinking it on draft, paying more attention to friends, women, sports on TV, and bar games than savoring the beer in hand, it is perfect for what it is. A tasty enough, highly drinkable beer. This is the kind of brew you want to get fucked up on during long drinking sessions.



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