9.5% ABV on draught

Another Valhalla selection from my recent trip there.

The bartender told me this was a brown ale and indeed it kinda tastes like one, but one on steroids. It’s actually a Belgian strong dark ale, technically, and thus is slightly different. Nevertheless, if you like brown ales and are not a pussy, you’ll probably like this one. Most brown ales are solid, and there really aren’t any bad ones out there that I have tasted. Perhaps because it wouldn’t be very lucrative to mass-produce a watered-down brown. Best to just produce a crappy lager if you want to attract the masses.

Not the best brown ale, or strong dark ale, I’ve ever had, but it’s still good. Tastes too alcoholy, but at 9.5% what should I expect? I wish they had done a hair better job of masking the potency. Could use a sweet component or two. Just a hint. Nothing more. Just enough to make it a tad more quaffable as they say.



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