Bar Harbor Blueberry

5.2% ABV on draught (Valhalla is too motherfucking dark to take pictures in)

My final beer of the night on my recent visit to Valhalla.  And, yes indeed, you better make a fruit beer one of your final beers of the night.  I had already built up goodwill and established my drinking street cred by making my first two beers of the evening a 9.5% ABV strong dark ale as well as a giant 7% ABV strong ale served in an ice cream sundae-sized snifter.  And much like the Easy Company during World War II needed to accumulate 85 “points” before they could leave the European Theatre and head home, one should probably put together at least 15 percentile points ABV-worth of drinking before ordering a fruit beer.  At 16.5 percent, I was in the clear.

This one smells terrific, maybe even better than Blue Point’s effort, surely the blueberry beer par excellence.  This one is incredibly fruity tasting.  If you want something that only has a hint of blueberries, then avoid.  If you want a blueberry drink that has only a hint of beer, then this may be for you.  It’s very good, but something about it just doesn’t seem to have the overall “oomph” that Blue Point Blueberry has.  Whatever the case, I’d like to try it again in the privacy of my own home.

One final thought…there’s nothing better than a blueberry beer burp.



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