Brasserie Des Rocs Grand Cru

9.5% ABV bottle

Yet another Tria selection.

What the fuck is a Grand Cru? I know beer, I understand beer, I can differentiate from dozens and dozens of different styles of beer. Yet I have no fucking clue what a Grand Cru is. It doesn’t even appear to be a style per se. Just something certain types of foreign beers are called. And wines are often Grand Crus too! Let us google…

The Grand Cru term is often used in craft beer production, specially in Belgium and France…In Europe, the term is traditionally used to designate the finest beer that a brewery produces. In the United States, the term grand cru does not necessarily have this connotation, and is most commonly given to beers that are Belgian-style, such as Grand Cru from the AleSmith Brewing Company. (Wikipedia)

Aha! So indeed Grand Cru is not a style. It is simply a sign that a beer is highly-esteemed in Europe. I guess America’s version of this would be the “Blue Ribbon.” Something even rarer than the Grand Cru designation for as far as I can tell it has only ever been awarded to a single canned beer that often sells for a buck in hipster Brooklyn bars.

So what to say about the Brasserie Des Rocs Blue Ribbon beer?

It is sweet, fruity, winey, and even a little spicy. Potent too. Perhaps too carbonated. Not half bad.



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