Bell’s Two Hearted Ale

7% ABV

It’s funny, everyone always knew that I knew beer. I’m not kissing my ass or anything, I’ve just always been “the guy” amongst my group of friends that knew beer. And, you know what? No one fucking cared. Yeah, sure, every so often people would make a crack about the oddball beer I was enjoying. Or shudder in fear at the extremely dark and no-doubt potent stout I was slugging. Or mockingly wonder if I would dare lower my standards and enjoy a Miller Lite from their fridge. But, other than that, it was about as significant to my buddies as was my knowledge of, say, evolutionary psychology or Woody Allen movies. I.E. NO ONE FUCKING CARED.

Then, one drunk night, I got myself a free blog, didn’t change my drinking habits one iota, started taking crude cameraphone pictures of every beer I drank, and began quickly scribbling out swear word-filled missives about these brews, often spending less than a quarter of the post actually discussing the quaff in question. And, you know what? Now all of the sudden my friends were treating me as if I was some popularly elected president of beer consumption. No, even moreso, as if I was some highly anointed grand poobah of fermented adult beverages. Soon enough, I was getting pelted with texts every single night:

“dude, at bar with good beer selection, give me a rec…”

“yo, what’s the best ipa around???”

“hey, do u know a good stout?”

All of the sudden my friends actually cared about my knowledge! This same knowledge about beer that I’d alway had and that I’d always been more than willing to share. Shit, that I’d always been more than willing to inflict on them whether they liked it or not. Now, due to this, I’m starting to wonder if I should just start a blog about everything I want to be celebrated for. Hmmmm…look for Aaron’s “How to Pleeeeeeeeease a Lady” blog coming out in July!

This brings me back to Bell’s Two Hearted Ale. A friend of mine who is knowledgeable enough about beer but who doesn’t have a blog, thus making him less of a sage than me, told me a few weeks ago that this was his favorite beer. I’d never seen it in New York City but made it my mission to find it. I’m not the greatest guy in the world but if one of my friends tells me something is his favorite beer/book/movie/prostitute, I make sure to seek these things out. I eventually located the Two Hearted and was quite excited to try it.

It’s solid. Very interesting with a unique flavor. Very pleasant on the tongue. Little like a Dogfish Head Sixty Minute which everyone knows I’m quite fond of. Was a bit surprised with high how the ABV was cause this sucker went down smooooooove.

You should definitely try it.



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