Victory Hop Wallop

8.5% ABV (Double IPA)

Bought this one on a semi-whim. Victory products have always done me good. This one smells fantastic. Very orangey and floral. It’s extraordinarily hoppy which of course is no surprise. Maybe too hoppy for my liking, though I do love me some hops. A lot of bite, very spicy. The burps this beer produces are phenomenal, I’m not gonna lie. Not sure I love this brew but it definitely provides for a unique drinking experience. Doesn’t seem like a 8.5percenter. I kept checking the bottle in disbelief. However, by bottle’s end, I did feel the wallop. If you love hops this is about as good as it gets. As for me, I’d probably rather have a Dogfish 60 or 90 Minute.



2 Responses to Victory Hop Wallop

  1. Barleycorn says:

    Dude, be very careful. You have some great taste, but I fear the Award/Marketing/PR machine is tainting your palate. Victory and for that matter, Stone IPAs in particular can’t carry Two-Hearted Ale’s jock. I do however agree with your 60 Minute love, 90? Not so much for the $. I challenge you to get more Bell’s under your belt. They have seasonal Stouts that will blow your mind and a two standards (Kalamazoo and Java) that’s every bit as good as the finest homebrew.

  2. Aaron Goldfarb says:

    You may be right, perhaps I need to revisit Bell’s. Unfortunately, NYC doesn’t usually get any Bell’s products.

    And I should note that love Stone’s Ruination DIPA. I find their single IPA just kinda ordinary. Solid but ordinary.

    I think Avery Maharaja and Captain Lawrence’s DIPA are the two best I’ve had.

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