Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout

8.3% ABV from a bomber

I’m pretty sure I’m not an alcoholic, or any sort of -oholic for that matter, but if I were, these would be my biggest addictions, from the greatest to least:

1. Coffee/caffeine (the only “addiction” that I have withdrawal symptoms from)

2. Alcohol

3. The internet and information consumption

4. Sex (or masturbation)

5. Television/movies

6. Greasy foods

7. Sports

I think those are my only borderline addictions. Though I suppose that is plenty. Seven borderline addictions surely equals being a full-time committed heroin addict who has no other extracurricular interests. Right?

My point with the above list was to show that my top two addictive pleasures are coffee and booze. Put them together in a wonderful concoction known as coffee beer and I should be like a scat addict in shit. Or so I thought. My first coffee beer was from the usually reliable (if not great) Southern Tier brewery with their Jahva Imperial Coffee Stout. I was psyched to try it, but must admit that I didn’t really love that highly-regarded beer.

A few months since then, I decided to give coffee beers one more shot with the Lagunitas Cappuccino Stout “limited release.”

Popping the top, I instantly noticed it’s amazing smell. A very rich flavor, this is an incredibly potent stout. Your sissy friends will definitely not like this one. They will retract in fear at you for drinking such a dark, thick beer. It has no bite, no hops (only 29.5 IBUs), and one of the most pleasant aftertastes I have every experienced. I was literally enjoying the burps from this one hours after I had consumed it. And, it did take nearly an hour to consume. Would be a perfect after-dinner dessert beer or as a nightcap. I drank it after dinner at a time most would consider within “nightcap range” but I only considered it like the 2nd quarter for my evening’s drinking exercises.

This beer is phenomenal. Exciting my whole mouth with it’s melted dark chocolate/coffee flavor. You could savor this beer for a long time. And, I say this as a man that doesn’t even particularly love stouts.



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