Kasteel Rouge

8% ABV from a bottle

Whilst in Philadelphia over the weekend, paid a visit to the brilliant beer/wine/cheese bar Tria. It is definitely one of the better beer bars on the East Coast. It’s not one of those places that has, say, 200 beers on tap and another 2000 bottles on stock, it’s simply a place that carefully picks a small selection of great stuff. You won’t find a single macro in this place. Hell, you’ll be lucky to even find things you’ve heard of. Every time I’m there I drink almost exclusively on beers I’ve never heard of, from breweries I’ve never heard of, and, fuck, usually I can’t even spell the beer or brewery! So if you’re ever in Tria and you see some drunk guy with his hair styled like Showtime Lakers’ era Pat Riley, taking about 10 minutes to transpose the 25 word near-vowel-less name of some obscure Belgian beer onto a cocktail napkin, that’s probably me. Sometimes I find myself spending more time trying to write down the long name that I neglect to enjoy my brilliant beer upon its arrival at the table. Oh, and they are always brilliant beers at Tria. My next few posts will be quick-hitters discusses my last adventure there.

Kasteel is one oddball beer. Smells like a Luden’s cough drop, kinda tastes like a Dr. Brown’s Black Cherry jewsoda, and is outright delicious. I can honestly say I’ve never had a beer like this before. You might think it would taste like a real-fruity lambic ala Lindemans but that’s not even an apt comparison. My god is it fruity and sweet but it’s also very carbonated. Without even being a beer misogynist I would say that girlie girls would like this beer. Then again, so do I, so what does that say about me? I tell you what it says…that I like tasty soda beer.



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