Great Divide Titan IPA

6.8% ABV

Had this one in the fridge for a while and had been wanting to save it for a special occasion as I suspected it could be an all-time great. Since I have no plans to give birth any time soon—and probably wouldn’t drink a beer during that event—I decided to pop this one for the season 4 finale of “Lost.” My thinking proved fairly accurate. The Titan IPA has a gorgeous smell and yowsers! it’s hoppy (“aggressively hopped” according to the label). Orangey, piney, a nice bitterness but a sweet finish. And, I usually don’t give a shit about the color of a beer, but this one has a brilliant amber hue. At least I think it’s amber.* Don’t you hate those jackasses that try to so accurately describe the color of their beer? I mean, come on, I’m a cretinous beer-guzzler, not a paint expert at Sherwin-Williams. Unless I have a large swatch of color samples how can I possible tell the difference between amber and auburn?!

Yet, on every single snobby beer blog around, I’m forced to put up with dudes saying things like:

“Poured a very deep golden to light bronze with a slight haze…”

“…a gold-hued burnt orange with a couple of fingers of frothy, tight white foam…”

“…deep yellow color…”

“…light copper color…”

“Pale copper colored beer…”

“…amber brown with orange tinges…”

Yeesh! And this is all for the same beer! As legendary screenwriter William Goldman would say, perhaps it’s possible that “No one knows anything.” I know something though, and that’s that I care more about how a beer tastes, smells, costs, and gets me effed up than how it looks. Hell, I think I may care more about how the beer label looks than the beer inside’s actual color. True, most great beers are dark oranges, browns, and reds, but the slight differences between them don’t interest me that much or change my drinking pleasure.

Whatever the case, this is a great IPA. Although, a tad too strong to be a session beer. Even for a badass like me.


*Not that my photo would help you in color IDing being that I take my beer pictures with a crappy camera phone in usually poorly lit surroundings while I’m shitcanned. I’m not Ansel Adams to say the least.

(After penning this, I found several pretty interesting articles about the importance of beer color. They kinda made me feel like a dummy, but oh well, it still is not of great import to me. Google “beer color” and you’ll find a lot of nerdy stuff on the subject that you probably don’t even want to know.)


2 Responses to Great Divide Titan IPA

  1. Taco Town Dave says:

    Had the Great Divide Barley Wine the other night. Very, very good.

  2. Taco Town Dave says:

    I’m having my first Oaked Old Yeti. I think I finally understand what a “balanced” flavor means. This is great.

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