Franziskaner Weissbeir

5% ABV

I’d seen this beer on the shelves and at bars a zillion times but something about it just bored me. A pure case of judging a book by it’s ho-hum cover. My gut instinct proved right as I liked this beer fine but didn’t love it, and will probably have forgotten about it soon enough. I had this immediately after drinking the Leffe Blonde. It smells similar but is obviously more wheaty. It has a nice solid taste, but then again, I like most wheat beers. It goes down smooth too. It’s average, unexciting, but kind of tasty. I actually enjoyed it more the more I drank it.



One Response to Franziskaner Weissbeir

  1. John says:

    You’ve got this one down as a Kristalweizen, and I’m not sure if that’s right. In Germany Kristalweizen is a filtered wheat and looking at the picture it looks too dark and cloudy to be filtered.

    Kristalweizen is inferior, and Bavarians, the kings of wheat beer, don’t really drink it much, it is the Schwabians in Germany that often drink Kristalweizen, and they make the worst beer ever.

    Oh an if you get a Kristalweizen in Germany, they put a little lemon wedge on there. Beer is not meant do be drank with fruit. It is an abomination.

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