Flying Dog In-Heat Wheat

4.7%, IBU 12

“Good people drink good beer.” HST

I’ve had several Flying Dogs and I’ve pretty much liked them all, but the only one I’ve truly loved is the Gonzo Porter. Whole Foods had some sort of “summer sippin’” promotion which roped me into buying this brew. I’m a sucker for thematic promotions that’s for sure. I love the smell of wheat beers, typically, but this one just isn’t wheaty enough for my liking. No hops, far too lemony. I like a hefeweizen with a little more bite (Brooklyn’s Weisse for example). The In-Heat Wheat almost tastes like a Blue Moon which is odd cause it’s a completely different style of beer. Whatever the case, it’s not good if I compare you to Blue Moon because I consider that faux-Belgian highly sub-par. Typing this drunk I accidentally wrote suck-par, which is apt too.

I suppose the best thing about this beer is the awesome Ralph Steadman label drawing. I love his work.



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  1. […] truly loved is the Gonzo Porter.? Whole Foods had some sort of ???summer sippin????? promotion whic Police reports published June 17 Niagara GazettePolice are looking for three suspects in an […]

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