Charles Wells Banana Bread Beer

5.2% ABV from a bomber

Without doubt, my most whimsical beer purchase ever. I’m usually incredibly methodical with the beers I purchase for “snobby” drinking. I spend hours researching brews to drink, I compile lists and bring them to the store, I flat out nerd it up when making beer purchases. Even when I see intriguing beers at the store, I rarely make an impulse purchase. Preferring first to jot the beer name down to then go home and look it up on Beer Advocate where I can read countless reviews as if it is an issue of Consumer Reports. Most people do this when buying $50K cars, I do it when buying $3 cans of beer. So, I don’t know what got over me when I spied this on the shelf at Whole Foods. I already had a jam-packed shopping cart full of beer—you get a lot of weird looks when you’re using a shopping cart to only lug around beer purchases (Check out clerk: “Oooh, throwing party?” Me: “Nope, just hate myself”)—and had never heard of this beer nor even sampled a single offering from Wells. But, I mean, come the fuck on—BANANA BREAD BEER! That sounds amazing. I love banana bread. I love beer. Sold! (Note to breweries, please do not start making oddball concoctions like cupcake beer or buffalo wing lager or Skittle Brau cause I am a big time sucker and will buy them all).

So, what to say about this brew? After a busy Saturday which included a little bit of drinking, I came home to enjoy this alone over some winding-down-the-night TV. It wasn’t as good as I had hoped for though I suppose what I was hoping for was something along the lines of a beer that tasted exactly like banana bread while being potent and tasty like a beer. Eh, maybe I should of just bought some actual banana bread and a six-pack to pair with it. This one tastes more like a Yuengling that’s had a Laffy Taffy soaking in the bottom of the bottle for a while. And, you know what, that ain’t half bad.



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