Arcadia IPA

5.9% ABV on draught

This beer upsets me less for what it is than for what it isn’t. I popped into a new, out-of-the-way bar for a single drink and amongst their plain Jane collection of taps there were actually, surprisingly three beers I didn’t know anything about. I was intrigued and tried to get any info on the three beers from the bartender. Her expertise seem to lie more in shaking up overly-sweet shot concoctions, flirting with the unemployed poet at the end of the bar, and rigging the jukebox to play nonstop Smiths songs than in giving me the scoop on her own fucking bar’s craft beer selection. I even pulled out my old trick where I act absolutely torn by the selections, hoping this will lead to the bartender giving me a little taste of each. She was too busy reading her poet suitor’s latest Sonnet to a Slutty Barkeep to help me out though. Thus, I was forced to take a chance on the beer from the only one of the three breweries I had heard of, Arcadia.

Thoughts: Arcardia IPA has a nice smell but it is fairly muted. It also has a bit of a sour taste I don’t like. Not like an enjoying hoppy sourness, but just a bad sourness. Speaking of hoppiness, this beer could use a tad more bite, surprising since it’s around 6% which is what I consider a good level for an IPA. Give me more hops though, I’m a man, I can handle it. This one almost taste like the tap wasn’t hooked up right and the beer was flat. It still had it’s charms though.

That is, until I returned home and hit up Beer Advocate like a big nerd to check out the two beers I had passed on. Not surprisingly, those beers scored respective A and A+ ratings! Goddamn, did that piss me off as it is unlikely I will be back to that bar any time soon and thus missed a chance to drink two fairly obscure masterpieces that I had never seen on tap before. It’s like finding out at your ten-year reunion that the hot cheerleader had always had a crush on you. And, it kinda made me hate Arcadia IPA like the single mother hates her accident baby for ruining her life and not allowing her to hit the clubs any more.



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