Southern Tier Backburner Barley wine

10% ABV from a bomber

After an Oliva cigar, a light Italian dinner, and two Peronis, I stumbled over to the Bowery Beer Room, New York’s Valhalla for beer drinkers. There, I picked up two big sacks worth of brews. Suffice to say, my “ladyfriend” was not thrilled when I arrived at her UWS pad stinking like a cigar and carrying enough beer to give five beer nerds alcohol poisoning.

Barley wines are probably my favorite style of beer, so I’m always excited to try ones I haven’t had before cause, quite frankly, there just aren’t that many in existence. My all-time favorite barley wine is still Stone’s Old Guardian which might actually be my #1 favorite beer overall.

The Backburner immediately hits you with a sweet taste like a classic barley wine. Very fruity, hints of candy. Not as potent of smell as I like in a good barley wine. Not too alcoholic tasting (which is a debit in my book but might be a credit in yours). Not too much bite, quite drinkable. Thus, I was surprised how much of a whallop this one packed. I was pretty shit-faced by the time I finished.

All in all, one of the better barley wines I’ve ever had.



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