Orlio Organic Seasonal IPA

5.4% ABV from a sixer

Drank after finishing the Backburner bomber. My first ever organic beer.

Bought this one after trying a free sample of it at a Magic Hat tasting booth at the Bowery Beer room. I’d tried all the other Magic Hat samples and, though I’d seen it on shelves, didn’t know that Orlio was a MH offering. Being a hater of mother earth (soon as commercial space travel is available I’m out!) I like things as un-organic as possible. Thus, I was surprised how much I enjoyed Orlio in the store. Feeling guilty like always when I get and then enjoy a free sample, I decided to pick up a whole six pack of the beer. And, with that I got a free pint glass (which I gifted later that night to my ladyfriend as an appeasement mea culpa for stinking like a cigar and being wasted).

Was a bit drunk from the Backburner by the time I first got to work on this six pack. In fact, since I bought the Orlio warm, it wasn’t even fully chilled by consumption time. But, by golly, I felt like drinking, fuck the 45-50 degree F recommended serving temperature. Gotta say, didn’t enjoy Orlio as much at home as I did in the store. It’s kinda bland and overly light. Citrusy, not a lot of hops, easily drinkable. I could probably throw down 50 of these suckers in a sitting, drive somewhere, get pulled over, and pass a field sobriety test with flying colors. The label is pretty gay too, aproposly befitting an organic beer.


(Tried this one again the next night when I was more sober and the beer was more chilled and felt similarly about it. At least I got that free pint glass)


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