Green Flash Barley Wine

10% ABV from a bomber.

Another beer from my recent Bowery Beer Room haul. My guy there, JT, unequivocally did not recommend it. I usually trust JT. You wouldn’t know it if you saw him—he’s a lithe, bookish fella that looks more like he should be working at a Barnes & Noble or in an university engineering department—but JT knows more about beer than any human being I have ever crossed paths with. In fact, he knows more about beer than the combined totals of every other beer drinker I know. It’s quite remarkable. I’ve never encountered a beer he hasn’t sampled in fact. When the hell is he doing all this drinking I wonder? It’s like when you found out Wilt Chamberlain had fucked 20,000 women. You did the math and by your calculations Wilt would need to be fucking a woman during every single second of the day to achieve such a prodigious number. Likewise, it would seem that JT should be drinking a beer every time I see him in order to have become such an expert. Alas, I’ve never seen him drink a beer once and he doesn’t even have anything close to a beer gut.

But, I digress. A few months ago JT had tipped me off to Green Flash’s IPA which he loved. I enjoyed it too but being more of a barley wine fan I was more interested in this offering. JT didn’t think it was anything special, but for the first time ever, I kind of have to disagree with him. It had an absolutely fantastic first smell, making me think I might actually have a classic on my hands. It isn’t as alcoholic tasting nor as sweet/fruity as I’ve come to expect from barley wines. But it was good nonetheless. A bit sour and a slightly unpleasant aftertaste though.

I could absolutely taste the caramel and toffee present in it and I’m not even really that good at separating flavors. Especially “hinted” ones. Superhopped up, which I consider a good thing in this case.

Not something I’d go out of my way to have, but I still liked it better than Green Flash’s higher regarded IPA.



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