Bud Light Lime

4.2% ABV

People often call me a beer snob but I find that label completely inappropriate. I often (and without complaint) polish off pitcher after pitcher of Coors Light with my buddies while watching my favorite college basketball team lose games. Throw back can after can of Pabst while participating in bar trivia. I don’t love those beers or anything, but sometimes you got to drink them when the price is right. Not every bar is going to have Orval on tap. And one doesn’t want to look like a pretentious fuck when in mixed company. So I prefer to call myself a beer connoisseur. I mean, I’m sure George Clooney is a pussy connoisseur, but I bet he’s fucked an ugly girl or two in his life. Likewise, I’ve drank many bad beers in my life. Surprisingly, Bud Light Lime wasn’t one of them. Go figure.

The ladyfriend had been curious to try some and picked up a sixer at the local Duane Reade (always a great emporium of fine brews…right.) It’s supposed to be Bud Light’s answer to Miller Chill which is Miller’s answer to how poor Mexicans like to drink their cheap beer. The BL Lime comes in a clear bottle, an aesthetic I absolutely detest when it comes to beer. Beer bottles are brown or dark green because they are meant to keep outside light from ruining the beer. With rare exception (Newcastle), every beer in a clear bottle fucking sucks, culminating in Corona and Corona Light, arguably the two worst beers on the planet.

BL Lime has no smell. It tastes like an alcoholic Sprite. Which actually isn’t an insult. It’s kind of refreshing to be honest with you. I might actually drink this beer again were I at a macrobrew-laden BBQ sometime this summer. At the least, it’s better than Budweiser or regular Bud Light.



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