Brooklyn Lager

5.2% ABV on draught

When I go out drinking, I rarely consume so-called “fancy” beers for reasons fourfold:

1. Fancy beers are often exorbitantly priced at bars.

2. Fancy beers usually have high ABVs and thus are not ideal for marathon drinking sessions.

3. I am often wasted and schmoozing with friends while at bars and thus can not give the necessary attention toward a complex brew.

4. I don’t want to look like a pretentious twat.

Now, let’s examine my personal beer hierarchy for your garden variety bars. 99% of bars utilize a virtually identical beer list with only a local beer or two and maybe one bizarre outlier. Mine might be specific to NYC.

Starting from worst to best:

*Corona, absolute pisswater…er, piss agua.

*Heineken on bottle, see my earlier review.

*American macros from the Big 3 (Coors, Bud, Miller), whichever is cheapest at the particular bar or offered in some sort of pitcher/bucket deal.

*Amstel Light on bottle (adequate tasting beer, but always priced as if it is some brewer’s masterpiece. Also, yuppie finance folks love this beer second to only maybe Stella, and you don’t want to associate yourself with those folks. You know, the ones usually wearing suits in a pub on a Saturday night).

*PBR cans.

*Yuengling Lager.

*Sam Adams.

*Guinness (only on specific occasions)

*Brooklyn Lager.

Point being, Brooklyn is like an old friend. It ensures me that no matter what bar I go to in New York, there will at least be one adequate, drinkable beer there. It tastes great, is a full-bodied lager, you can drink tons of them, and it won’t punish your pocketbook (and why are you carrying a pocketbook to the bar anyhow, you kinky freak?! Carry a wallet like a real man.)

Garrett Oliver, the brewmaster at Brooklyn Brewery, does a great job as I enjoy if not love nearly all of their beers. And several of them are even masterpieces.

I’ve been drinking this beer for a decade, nearly every week, and I never get tired of it. Thus, it deserves a nice solid…



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